Fuel EX 9.8 GX combines a light full-carbon frame with parts chosen for the highest performance-to-price ratio. High-end FOX suspension with upgraded front and rear dampers, carbon wheels with a Rapid Drive rear hub, and SRAM’s latest, widest-range drive train give this model an extra edge you’ll notice from the first pedal stroke. Fuel EX 9.8 GX  has shallow knobs, the 2.6in Bontrager XR4 Team Issue tyres are sporty, but they lack a pronounced edge on which to push in loose corners. The lack of knob height also makes the tyres more pressure sensitive. With no real knobs to squish, you need to drop the tyre pressure by a couple of psi to stop the ride from feeling too harsh. The tyres have reinforced Inner Strength sidewalls that make this possible without having to tiptoe through rocks for fear of puncturing.


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